You can find power and beauty by using something that is simple. That’s what we believe. It doesn’t matter what challenge lies ahead. Invipo is ready to take it on for the user. The interface is made to be clean and comfortable to use. There are five features that are the primary focus of Invipo that allow it to operate seamlessly


The amount of data that can be stored on Invipo is massive. This is possible due to the way the platform gathers and stores information from the start. The only question surrounding the possibilities involves the storage size and the hardware used.


The focus is to provide users with a platform that is simple and friendly to use. It prevents anyone from becoming overwhelmed with how the process works. Everything can be accessed from one interface, and it only takes one click to gain access.


The primary element of the Invipo platform is events. That’s what leads the whole interface. Whatever is happening at any particular time is the data that gets collected and shared through the system. After everything reaches the events point, the platform uses the technology available to process the data using advanced logistics.

Web Solutions

The whole interface is run through the technology of the web. For many projects, access to the Invipo server along with a web browser is all that are required to use the system. Through the highest standard of usability is how we believe that user can get everything they need from Invipo.



Everything is open to the developers and partners of Invipo. The whole community of developers even has access to some parts of the system. It is essential to the growth and development of the platform to allow others to participate and share their ideas and knowledge on everything surrounding Invipo.