Invipo is a Software Platform which connects ‘open city datasets’, such as Traffic Information Systems, Public Transport Timetables, Weather Systems, CCTV, Vehicle Messaging Systems, Car Parking on and off street etc. in one platform using an API in order to facilitate City Managers to control and report on all aspects of city living and to further enable its Citizens, using Web Based City Dashboard / Mobile, to make smart choices in the city.


InVipo is the software brain of an intelligent city collecting data from connected technology and other available sources in the city. It evaluates the information and reports in the city control centre and helps cities by facilitating control while significantly improving the quality of life for its citizen.

Advance Cities is part of the Advance Systems International Group of Companies. Advance Systems Group was founded in 1994 in Ireland and have offices in Ireland, the UK and the US. We have over 1,900 Customers, 100 staff and have sales of over €10M annually. We are a specialist Software Company whose mission is to provide cutting edge, innovative software tools to work seamlessly for organisations around the Globe.

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Advance Systems Access Control Solutions Limited provides a sophisticated suite of products and support services to customers within UK & Ireland. The Advance Systems Group of companies have been trading in the country of Ireland for more than two decades.

The Advance Systems network offers a suite of services and unique products that are designed to improve the design, planning, management and installation of civil projects. Our professional team handles every aspect of the technical process, so you can design a system that is compatible with your actual requirements. Enjoy the benefits of working with a comprehensive team comprised of engineers, technical experts, designers, project managers and trainers.

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Our solutions cover every aspect of the project from the initial design stage to any ongoing support required after the installation process. We also provide support services to clients who benefit from our software products as well.

Our integrated systems cover all aspects of design, project management, training, support and installation. We specialise in implementing a complete suite of products and services to solve the most familiar challenges faced by large organisations.


Traffic management systems
Car parking payment systems and barriers
Entry systems
Access control systems
Revolving doors
Time and attendance systems
Biometric clock-in systems

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Advance Systems International Limited offers exceptional leadership and quality software solutions for companies in Ireland. We provide robust time and attendance systems so that every meeting is accurately tracked and documented.

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Advance Systems International Limited is Ireland’s Leading Provider of Time and Attendance Systems.